See Jesus and Follow Him

Student’s Sermon by Carlos Paz | KSG Berlin | 17.03.2024

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
In the middle of the challenges that encompass our lives, from the trials of a pandemic to the disturbing echoes of wars and the personal difficulties we each face, we gather here today with a common prayer: “Lord, we would like to see Jesus”.

Let us turn our hearts to the words of the Gospel, John 12:20-26, where Jesus responds to the fervent cry to see him. In a world full of complexities and uncertainties, the resonance of this cry touches each of us.

In your own reflections, consider the times when this longing to see Jesus resonated in your heart, especially in the face of challenges and uncertainties.

Jesus responds with a profound truth about the hour of glory. Like a grain of wheat falling to the ground, he speaks of sacrifice, letting go and the promise of abundant fruit. This metaphor reflects the sacrifice Jesus made for our freedom.

Let me share a personal story from the winter semester of 2021, a time of economic and emotional challenges. A desire to see Jesus led me to KSG in Erfurt, where a community of loving people embraced me, reminding me that I was not alone. Through sacrifice, I found support and connection, which led to unexpected opportunities and blessings.

Today, we express gratitude for Jesus’ daily invitation to each of us to follow and serve Him. In my prayers, I searched for a place in Berlin to connect with the church, and the answer led me to Dominikus WG. The proximity to the church and the formation of strong friendships became a tangible expression of God’s grace.

As we consider our own willingness to strive to follow and serve Jesus, let us be inspired by the journey shared today. Even in the face of the challenges ahead, our faith, enthusiasm and commitment to following Jesus will guide us.

In closing, we will reflect on this journey: from the cry to see Jesus in difficult times to the response to follow and serve him. Our experiences, challenges and successes are testimony to the transforming power of faith.

May the cry to see Jesus guide us through uncertainties, and may the call to follow and serve him inspire positive change in our lives and communities. As challenges arise, let us face them with unwavering faith, enthusiasm and the assurance that in following Jesus we find strength and purpose.